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Ministry in Troubled Times

A letter from the President of The Lutheran Church Extension Fund

HERE>> is a letter from Rev. Bart Day, President and CEO of The Lutheran Church Extension Fund, describing the impact of the Coronavirus situation on the ministry of the LCEF. HIghlights include:

  • Deferral of $5.47 million in loan payments to borrowers
  • $25,000 to Concordia University Wisdconsin's 3D printing lab for production of personal protective equipment
  • More than $60,000 in LCEF gift cards to food pantries and families in need
  • More than $1 million donated to help LCMS church workers with unmet financial needs
  • Capital-to-asset ration reached 12% (the goal)
  • Achieved $2 billion in total assets
  • Goals for 2020-2021
    • Cultivate partnerships in ministry
    • Stewardt the gifts
    • Grow ministry opportunities

Christ the King Lutheran Church received an LCEF mortgage at the beginning of our ministry; and continues to support other Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations through our current investments in the LCEF.

For information on investing in ministries of the LCMS through the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, click HERE>>

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