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"RETURNING TO NORMAL" at Christ the King?

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On Sunday, May 24, our Church Council affirmed this plan for the near future, subject to change based on new information / advisories / restrictions regarding Coronavirus precautions. Since we never really "closed down" for the Coronavirus pandemic, it's hard to say that we'll "return." However, after some heartfelt prayer, and many conversations with lots of other folk, here's what Sundays will probably look like at Christ the King beginning in June:

First, please take a look HERE>> at this NEW brief video walk-through highlighting some modifications we've made in the building arrangements.

Second, the current Sunday morning schedule will change slightly. Beginning Sunday, June 7, you can expect to find

  • Worship in the Sanctuary (without Holy Communion), 8:30 am - livestreamed (we hope!) to Facebook. You're welcome to attend the service, but please see the video above for seating arrangements (if there's not enough room in the sanctuary, feel free to pull out a chair in the parish hall and watch the live feed from there); livestreamed on Facebook HERE>>
  • Holy Communion distribution in the Sanctuary, 9-ish - 9:30 am
  • Adult Bible Class in the Parish Hall or the Pavilion (depending on the weather), 9:30 am - 10:30 am - You might want to bring your own lawn chairs if you don't want to sit on picnic benches; but we also have a stash of outdoor chairs if you forget or don't have lawn chairs
  • 10:30 am - Noon - Pastor Cahill will remain for those who might want to drift in for counsel, prayer, Holy Communion, or conversation

Because the Sunday School usually takes the summer off around this time anyway, right now it looks like we'll continue this schedule through the summer and go back to Worship 815 am, Sunday School / Bible Class 930 am, Worship 1045 am in early September (all of this subject to change, of course!).


  • If you're thinking about coming to the church for whatever reason, and you are sick or think you might be, please take care of yourself and others by staying home! AND
  • There's no shame or guilt on you if you decide NOT to come on any given day, for any reason whatever! Just know that our loving God is with you, and we are praying for you!

Watch these updates for announcements if things change in the meantime!
Pastor Cahill and the Christ the King Board of Elders

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