• About A Season of Grace: Sources of Hope in a Time of Fear

    This page does not contain information about the Coronavirus from scientists, government officials, or news media. It contains information and reminders about sources of hope if you're anxious, grace if you're afraid, and faith if you're uncertain.
    ​God bless us, everyone!

    A Message from our Pastor

    • If you have a particular need - for help, prayer, counsel, but also shopping or meals - or whatever - please don't hesitate to call the church office at 330-948-3000 and leave a message - I'll get back to you.  
    • I will try to be at the church most days to send emails, post video updates, make phone calls, pray for you and all of us, and whatever else may be necessary during these times.  
    • If during this time you feel you need the comfort of Jesus that He offers in His body and blood, please call me and arrange a time to come to the church to receive Holy Communion (by yourself, or with your family).
  • NEW to "A Season of Grace"

    Latest Update October 19 2020

    NEW In "Schedule"

    Schedule for the week of October 18, including the Christ the King Sunday School Show (featuring the BEING CHALLENGE) - Sundays, 11 am - 11:30 am on ZOOM.

    NEW SECTION Hope-full Podcasts

    LInks to podcasts:

    • "Route 42" with Pastor Chris Cahill
    • "Midweek with Christ" with Pastor Charles St. Onge
    • "Essentially Translatable" by Lutheran Bible Translators
    • KFUO Lutheran Radio

    NEW SECTION Witness

    Links to ministries spreading the Gospel around the world:

    • Lutheran Bible Translators
    • Wycliffe Bible Translators
    • Lutheran Heritage Foundation
    • Lutheran Church Extension Fund


    Links to ministries caring for the needs of others:

    • Meal Train
    • Lutherans for Life
    • Lutheran World Relief
    • Lutheran Foundation of Fort Wayne


    Remember - if you're anxious or frustrated - or just tired of everything - you can give Pastor Cahill a call at the church

    (330-948-3000 - if you have to leave a message, he'll get back to you) to chat and pray with him.

  • CTK COVID-19 protection compliance

    As of October 19, 2020

    Face masks

    • As of July 23, 2020, STILL REQUIRED by mandate of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine
    • Not required for people with medical issue or a disability, but expected by everyone entering the Christ the King building
    • If you forget, we have a limited supply of disposable masks
    • See the complete description here

    Maintain Social Distancing

    • Use designated seating areas in Sanctuary
    • Keep social distancing throughout the building

    Wash hands / Sanitize

    • Hand sanitizer in Parish Hall and Narthex
  • Adjustments

    How we're dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic at Christ the King


    Here are some adjustments we've made to Holy Communion:

    • If you'd like to receive Holy Communion, you can come to the church almost any day between 9 am and 1230 pm, or between 2 and 430 pm.  Bring your family!  Call 330-948-3000 first to make sure Pastor Cahill will be there.
    • If you'd like to receive Holy Communion but are not sure you'd like to come to church for it, think about calling Pastor Cahill at 330-948-3000 to set up a time when he might bring Holy Communion to share it with you on your front porch or patio, in your garage, yard, or driveway!

    In worship

    Here are some adjustments we've made to worship services:

    • You are invited to take advantage of opportunities to receive Holy Communion during worship at Christ the King on Sunday mornings, at 8:30 am or on Wednesday mornings at 9 am.
    • You might also like to know the following:
      • Although there is restricted seating in the Sanctuary, there is in fact room for about two dozen folks at each service
      • Pastor Cahill will set up the communion vessels and bread and wine using food handling precautions (washing hands, sanitizing, wearing gloves)
      • Pastor Cahill will wear gloves and a face mask to distribute the bread and wine.
    • As the Lord wills and keeps Pastor Cahill healthy, Sunday morning worship services will continue to be livestreamed to Facebook @ctklodi every Sunday at 8:30 am; they'll remain on Facebook until Pastor Cahill deletes them. The sermons will also be recorded and posted on the "Season of Grace" playlist on YouTube here>>. Wednesday worship services will be livestreamed to Facebook, we hope.

    For Children

    Here are some things we'd like Children to know:

    • We have kid-sized facemasks available at church (because we know you're used to wearing them for school, but you might forget to bring one from home)
    • We've removed all the "church bags" and their contents, as well as all the toys and baskets.  Feel free to bring your own from home and take them back with you.


    Here are some things we'd like Grownups to know:

    • Changes to our building schedule will be announced in our email newsletter, on our Facebook page, and in a section toward the top of this page.  You can scroll to the bottom of  this page on our website to sign up for our email newsletter.
    • If you've planned to come to Christ the King for something but aren't feeling well, please take care of others by staying home and taking care of yourself.


    Here are some things we'd like EVERYONE to know:

    • Please stay home if you feel ill, or have a fever over 100.0!
    • Please be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you! (Ephesians 4:32)

    The following building use / calendar notices are in effect as of

    October 18, 2020:


    • Worship Service with Holy Communion LIVE on Facebook (recorded for later viewing)  830 am
    • Adult Bible Study LIVE on Facebook (recorded for later viewing) 9:30 am
      • Sermon and Bible Study also posted to YouTube later
    • The Christ the King Sunday School Show (featuring the BEING CHALLENGE for kids)! - began October 18.  See Program Note #5 below
    • Alcoholics Anonymous 7 pm, Parish Hall or Pavilion


    • Worship Service with Holy Communion LIVE on Facebook (recorded for later viewing) 9 am
    • LCMS SELC District Central Circuit Pastors ZOOM check-in 11 am
    • Alcoholics Anonymous Lodi Home Group 7 pm, Pavilion (or Parish Hall)


    • ZOOM Bible Study "BEING CHALLENGE" 10 am - send an email to Pastor Cahill at ctklutheranlodi@gmail.com to ask for the link.

    OFFICE NOTES - from Pastor Cahill

    • If you have a particular need - for help, prayer, counsel, but also shopping or meals - or whatever - please don't hesitate to call the church office at 330-948-3000 and leave a message - I'll get back to you.  Or you can call my cell at 330-421-6805.
    • I will be at the church most days (9am to 4 or 5pm) to send emails, post video updates, make phone calls, pray for you and all of us, and whatever else may be necessary during these times.  
    • If during the next few weeks you feel you need the comfort of Jesus that He offers in His body and blood, please call me and arrange a time to come to the church to receive Holy Communion (by yourself, or with your family).


    1. If you come to Christ the King for worship, prayer, counsel, or Communion (as listed below), please be considerate of the well-being of others - be prepared to wash and sanitize your hands, maintain social distancing, and wear a face mask (see note 2). A small supply of masks will be on hand, if you forget to bring one.
    2. Under social distancing guidelines, the seating capacity of our sanctuary is about 30 persons, including front-row seating and seating for 6 in the Narthex.
    3. We intend that the worship services on SUNDAY 8:30 am will be live on Facebook HERE>>.  If the livestream doesn't work, check back on Facebook or YouTube later in the day for the recorded service.   We also intend that the WEDNESDAY 9 am worship services will be live on Facebook as well.  These services will also be recorded and posted to Facebook and YouTube for viewing later in the day.  HERE>> is a brief video from Pastor Cahill about this.
    4. Stay after worship Sunday or come for an Adult Bible Study, 9:30-10:30 in the parish hall.  Look for the Bible Study (livestreamed when possible, recorded and posted around later in the day) on Facebook HERE>> or later on YouTube HERE>>. 
    5. The Christ the King Sunday School Show (featuring the Being Challenge for Kids), 11 - 11:30 AM Sundays beginning October 11.
      • If you have children at home and want to interact with Pastor Cahill in real time during the show, send him an email at ctklutheranlodi@gmail.com and he'll send you a ZOOM link in return (the CTK Sunday School Show will NOT be livestreamed on Facebook)
      • From October 11 through November 22 we'll be featuring kid-sized BEING CHALLENGE activities they can do alongside their adults - Adults!  Be sure to pick up a free BEING CHALLENGE book at Christ the King soon!  More on the BEING CHALLENGE HERE>>
  • The LATEST

    Thoughts, announcements, prayers, and more.
    A running log of the latest information.

    Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love writes HERE>> about his ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety. Although he doesn't talk about faith, he does say some important things for anyone who's struggling through these difficult times - in particular, you don't have to carry the load by yourself ...
    HERE>> is a letter from Rev. Bart Day, President and CEO of The Lutheran Church Extension Fund, describing the impact of the Coronavirus situation on the ministry of the LCEF. HIghlights include:Deferral of $5.47 million in loan payments to borrowers$25,000 to Concordia University Wisdconsin's 3D...
    28 août 2020 · Prayer,Quotes,Books
    Lutheran professors John Pless and Jacob Corzine have written a book "Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic," published by Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis. Here are some quotes from this book. On Luther's response to the plague in his day: "Avoiding both impulsive heroism and cowardly...
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  • Sources of Hope

    LInks, videos, announcements, and more


    To Sources of Hope

    • Lutheran Church Missouri Synod - President's videos, and links to other resources
    • Concordia Publishing House - free resources for personal and family devotions
    • Worship Anew, from Concordia Theological Seminary (Fort Wayne) and churches in the Fort Wayne area
    • Lots of links for personal, family, and children's devotions and activities collected by Deaconess Mary Moerbe at  Meet, Write, and Salutary.  Scroll down the right column to Free Lutheran Resources for an extensive list.
      • HERE>> is a web page with LOTS of FREE resources for you and your family to grow stronger in your faith and your relationship with Jesus.  Some of them are just downloads; others ask you to submit your email address to access the downloads.  All are from GROUP Publishing, a long-time publisher of Christian education materials (we've used their materials here at Christ the King in Sunday School and VBS throughout the years).

    "Season of Grace" YouTube Playlist

    Click on the video to go to the complete "Season of Grace" video playlist

    Including worship and informational videos, children's messages, and songs / hymns

    "CTK Season of Grace Sing-Along Playlist"

    Videos you can sing along to, with on-screen lyrics

    By request, here's a playlist of some of our viewers' favorite hymns and spiritual songs, with lyrics so that you can sing along. Please send an email at the button on the bottom of this page to make a suggestion for another hymn or song.


    From the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County

    Here is is a a good resource for mental health and stress relief from the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County. It has a lot of good and useful information and links. Some of them are for residents of Ashland County, but others are for anyone, wherever you live. Click the picture, or HERE>>, for more.


    Like radio programs, but on the internet. You can listen to them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can download them to an electronic device so you can listen to them in your car or while you're walking through a park; and you can even subscribe to many of them and receive an alert when a new episode becomes available. We recommend these:

    Route 42

    Pastor Chris Cahill

    LIsten HERE>>, on the Christ the King website HERE>>, or on Facebook, Spotify, and iTunes.


    HERE>> is the NEWEST episode, the sermon on Psalm 130 from Sunday, October 11


    HERE>> is a conversation with Christ the King member Leona Bielfelt about "Leona's Psalms."

    Midweek With Christ

    Pastor Charles St. Onge

    Listen HERE>>.


    Here>> is the latest brief devotion, titled "Receiving the Word in Affliction".

    Essentially Translatable

    Lutheran Bible Translators

    Listen HERE>> 

    or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Google Play Music and iHeartRadio.


     HERE>> is the latest episode, "5 Years in Concordia."

    KFUO Radio

    Lutheran Bible Translators

    Based in St. Louis, KFUO is a Listener Supported Broadcast Ministry of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and is the original home of The Lutheran Hour. KFUO livestreams to the internet, and offers most of their programming as podcasts.


    Listen HERE>>.


    Preaching the Gospel to all nations during the Coronavirus

    Lutheran Bible Translators

    There are over a billion people in 3,896 remote language communities. People without adequate access to Scripture. Why not just use English? There are plenty of English versions available. But listen for yourself. What do members of the Nsenga language community in Zambia have to say (In English)? Watch HERE>> (you might have to turn on the video's Closed Captioning)


    Learn more about the work of Lutheran Bible Translators HERE>> in the fall issue of their all-online magazine, "The Messenger"; and watch the video "Put God's Word in Their Hands" HERE>>

    Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Wycliffe Bible Translators offers a guide with suggestions for payer for various Bible translation projects. You can download their October guide, called "Finish Line," HERE>>.

    Lutheran Heritage Foundation

    Transylvania - the birthplace of Bram Stoker’s Dracula - is a mysterious land shrouded in myths and superstition.

    Located in modern-day Romania, Transylvania was settled nearly 5 centuries ago by German Saxon immigrants, who brought with them their Lutheran faith. In fact, the first book ever printed into the Romanian language, using the Latin alphabet, was The Small Catechism of Martin Luther. Click HERE>> to read more.

    Lutheran Church Extension Fund

    A Rare Opportunity

    The LCEF cancelled their annual conference this year because of COVID concerns, but the LCEF presents their Annual Update on Saturday, November 21 beginning at 10 AM CST (11 AM Eastern Standard Time). This is a ZOOM update open to the public.

    Registration for the FREE meeting is now open at this link: https://lcef.org/annual-update/

    For information on investing in ministries of the LCMS through the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, click HERE>>


    Helping others in need during the Coronavirus


    THANK YOU to those of you who have been able to help out some of our church families with meals recently!

    They can still use our help in bringing meals a few times a week. You should be able to find all the information you need to volunteer a meal HERE>>.

    If you have any questions, please contact Betty Olah at ctklutheranlodi@gmail.org. Thank you for your loving suppport!

    Lutherans for Life

    HERE>> is the latest issue of LifeDate, the quarterly journal of Lutherans for Life, and HERE>> is the lead article from Executive Director Rev. Michael Salemink, titled "Gospel Motivated."

    Lutheran World Relief

    There is an urgent need for LERT-trained volunteers and LERT teams in Louisiana and in the Southern Alabama/FL panhandle to help clean up after the recent hurricane activity. Most of the work is chainsaw operations and support though there are many other volunteer opportunities.

    Several of our Christ the King members are LERT-trained (Lutheran Emergency Response Team). Christ the King has some money available to help defray costs for those who may wish to go.

    Please contact:
    John Ketterer, DCE at (586) 945-3856 for work in the Sulphur, LA area.
    Rev. Ed Brashier at (205) 296-3714 for work in Southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle.


      HERE>> is the Lutheran World Relief website, with other ways you may get involved.

    Lutheran Foundation

    of Fort Wayne Indiana

    The Lutheran Foundation of Indiana invites parents and grandparents and all caregivers of children to a special online version of "High in Plain Sight."

    Our speaker is Jermaine Galloway, known by law enforcement nationwide as “The Tall Cop,” is an expert at tracking drug trends. He delivers educational seminars to parents, police, and organizations all over the USA.


    HERE>> is the webpage link for this FREE online event, October 22, Noon to 1 pm

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